Saturday, May 21, 2011

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What's this? A mysterious project I'm working on and no additional information? How tantalizing!

My ode to Alexander Rodchenko

"The War of the Future" by Alexander Rodchenko
Okay, first off, I LOVE propaganda posters. WWI, WWII, Modern, you name it; I just find them fascinating.
But there's a special place in my (very cold) heart for Soviet Russia propaganda posters. There's just something about the colours, the geometric, minimalistic style, dramatic angles and heavy, bold font that appeals to me.

Anyway, for our final project in The History of Illustration we where all given an image by an artist from the last century and where to analyze the style of the actual image, the artist, and the social/political climate of the time: so basically any and everything surrounding this image. My image was named "The War of the Future" and was created by a Russian man by the name of Alexander Rodchenko.
Now, before this project I had no idea who the artist(s) that created all those old Soviet posters where; I just knew that I really really liked their work. So, by an incredible stroke of luck, I get to research the granddaddy of all those old posters that I love so much.
Anyway, I could go on and on about Rodchenko, but instead I'll just say his work has been a huge inspiration to me and the above poster was completely inspired by him and others of the Russian Constructivist movement.

As well as a challenge issued from Brian Best.

(PS: I am not talking about Alexander Rodchenko from Star Trek: TNG)