Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bloodghast: MtG alterations

Extended art of Mtg's Bloodghast from the Zendikar block.
Done for a client at the local hobby store here in Milton :
( )

Going to start doing a couple more extensions/alterations soon I think, it was rather fun!
And how cool would it be to show up to a tourniment with a deck full of full-art cards (the best kind of card Wizards! Hint hint, nudge nudge)?

Now, unfortunately I can't take all the credit here; the original art for Bloodghast is done by 'Daarken'
(Real name? idk, but it's cool) who is fantastic by the way.
Bloodghast, Zendikar, Magic:the Gathering and all other registered trademarks are the property of
Wizards of the Coast.

Interested in having some custom art extensions done for your cards?
Send me a request at and we'll work something out!

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